About us Questions 

Does Authorized Company? How Can I Be Sure

Well, this is a very common question that people ask that how can I sure your company is 100% authorized. We have delivered medicine in the USA, UK, French, Australia or other countries without any single controversy. We have more than 1 Million+ satisfied customers who are regularly used our products & service. We offer 100% privacy to our customer database

How old is a Startup?

Medsday is distributors of generic drugs since 2016

How Do I Send A Copy Of My Prescription Before Purchasing?

You can directly send on support@medsday.com 

Are you Confidentiality About What I Buy From Medsday?

We have used fully certified Alpha SSL Security as the gold standard for our entire internet placed orders. All shopping cart pages on www.medsday.com are secured by a current SSL Certificate. Your security is the number one concern with this company. Your order and personal info will be revealed to any party that is not anyhow related to the order fulfillment process.

How Much Money Will I Save When I Order From Medsday

Most customers can save up to 50% off

Order Questions 

How Long Does Medsday Take to Deliver?

Up to 8 to 10 Days

Are Your Prices Too Low?

We know that prescription medications can be very expensive so we don’t want you to have to burn extra money in your pocket Check our pills price just start $0.50, which is the lowest prices you can’t find anywhere.

How Do I Return an Order?

If you receive an order that is damaged in any way, or if you don’t receive your order at all, we will ship you another package. If you would rather us give a refund, we will refund your entire amount at your request. For this process, we will ask to wait 30 days from when the order had been shipped. We will take care of any support tickets in a timely manner

How Can I Cancel My Order?

Cancellation by user: Customer can cancel order whenever he/she wants but there must be a good reason to do it

Payment Questions 

What Forms of Payment Do You Accept?

We Accept Visa, MasterCard, Credit Card / Debit Card or PayPal account

How do I Find My CVV Number?

For Visa/MasterCard, the three-digit CVV number is printed on the signature panel on the back of the card immediately after the card’s account number.

Is it Safe to Shop Online With a Credit / Debit Card?

We utilize the full certifications from Alpha SSL and Secure Security as the gold standard for all of our internet placed orders. We ensure 100% payment security

Delivery Questions 

Is Ordering Medicine From Medsday Legal?

All of our medication comes with 100% original instruction and sealed packaging that contains the lot number & expiry that can be cross-checked with the manufacturer. We 100% ensure our medication you order through medsday.com

How do I Return My Medicine After It Has Been Delivered?

You can directly send mail on support@medsday.com after that our backend team will assist you.

What should I do if I Received the Wrong Medicine?

You can directly send mail on support@medsday.com after that our backend team will assist you.

What Does Expected Arrival Time?

It depends on the place

Other Questions

Is There Free Shipping on Medsday?

Only possible if you order $199

Why Should I Purchase From Medsday?

  • 100% Quality Assurance
  • 100% Honestly
  • 100% Trustworthy
  • 100% Integrity
  • 100% Money back Guarantee

Is there Deal & Offers Are Available?

Apply coupon code & win up to 50% off

Is There 24X7 Chat Support is Available?


Are All Drugs FDA Approved?

Yes, our all medication or tablets are 100% FDA Approval