10 Myths About Masterbation

10 Myths About Masterbation


When we read or hear this word a lot of things come up in our mind and most often 90 percent of them are just pure misconceptions. Myths about masturbation are common and question like is it dangerous? is it normal? or does it affect my health are some of the queries that arise in our mind whenever we encounter this word. This barrage of misunderstanding keeps on popping up in our head which leads to further confusion and anxiety getting further being associated with term masturbation.


In many countries like India masturbation is yet not considered as the thing of discussion. In the absence of scientific knowledge people refrain from it acknowledge or it makes them awkward. Many evenshies away from the topic thinking it not their cup of tea. But on the contrary to a large number of masturbation myths, it is an absolutely normal phenomenon and there are no dangerous side effects associated with it. In this article, we will try to discuss some of the common misconceptions that are observed in our society set up.


Facts and myths about masturbation


  1. You can lose you virginity through masturbation


Virginity is again a social idea rather than a biological one as it can be easily given away while inserting tampons or even in small daily routine activities like cycling. Virginity is loosed only when your hymens break which is empirically impossible in masturbation. In the whole process of masturbation, you are just stimulating your external organ and hymen in a way beyond the reach. Hence doing masturbation rarely can break your virginity.


  1. It causes health threat


Many believe that doing masturbation can land you in trouble as it has serious health issues associated with it like STD. But the truth is sexually transmitted diseases can only appear in cases when you are indulging in sexual activity with your partner. Until and unless there is no penetration there are minimal chances of diseases. Cases of infection can be avoided easily if the practice is followed by cleanliness.


  1. It causes sexual trouble in future


Another common myth associated with masturbation is it can lead to future displeasure in your sexual life. This can not be proved through any scientific study neither any reports of sexual displeasure have been reported as the result of masturbation in the past. The myth about too much masturbation is linked with conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation which is not true.


  1. It makes you impotentor infertile


No clinical evidence has been found that masturbation can lead to permanent damage to the genital. Low sperm count in the long run which could cause impotence. Many diseases like diabetes and hypertension which may cause impotency but not masturbation in particular alone.


  1. Female does not masturbate


Female masturbation is considered as a phantom incidence which seems to does not occur in reality. People pretend as females never masturbate but the truth is females tend to masturbate as much as men. Even though male masturbation is accepted more friendlily in society that doesnot mean that females do not appreciate or enjoy it.


  1. Masturbation is a psychological disturbance


In many countries, masturbation is often associated with psychological disturbances and only perverts are the ones who masturbate. Unlike other beliefs, this is not true and the whole process is much normal. Masturbation, in turn, leads to the release of stress and act as a destressing activity. In many studies, t has been found to be associated with lowering blood pressure and painful chronic conditions.


  1. An individual becomes habitual to masturbation


Masturbation does not require any de-addicted center admission, isn’t it? Nobody becomes habitual of it. Yes, there may be the time when you continuously feel like masturbating for a longer period of time but that does not make you addicted to it. This habit can be easily avoided or controlled at your own will.


  1. It is only sexual pleasure


As we have already discussed that masturbation has many mental positive effects on the individual. This has not solely associated to only sexual gratification one receives during the process but the release of many components within this that have long term overall benefits. This has to be seen in the broader aspect rather than just physical needs.



  1. It’s wrong to do masturbation


As a human, we are totally dependent on our society for the information either truthful or fake. Being a part of society, we come across many beliefs which disregards masturbation and considersit as a taboo. This is considered as an ethically wrong practice that should not be practiced by the good individuals of society. But the truth is it is absolutely healthy and normal. Practicing masturbation doesnot have to do anything with our past or future life as it is merely a physiological experience.



  1. It is done in the same way


Questions like how to masturbate and what is the best ways to masturbate is quite common as people consider it to be an anatomical procedure that is done by everybody in the same manner. But the truth is everyone has their own favorite methodology and preference when it comes to masturbation. As individuals are different the choice is purely base on their individuality.


why are there myths about masturbation


These myths or misconceptions are the results of society’s belief which arises due to the spread of words and does not have any scientific value. Due to the hidden nature of the topic, we tend to depend on the half information which we get hence leading to more spreading of rumors.




Through this article, we have tried to have myth busted on masturbation which further alleviated the confusion in the mind of many so from now onward they could feel free to enjoy each and every moment of self-love without guilt, hesitation or anxiety. Most of the myths related to masturbation the result of the ignorance of the society that can be dealt with the necessary education and awareness.

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